HARIT Upvan​

Harit Upvan



Location: Sorkha, Noida.

Area: 5 hectares.

Started in: October, 2017

  • Planted 62,000 native trees, shrubs and bushes.
  • Constructed wetland to treat the wastewater.
  • Dug 10 water holes and ponds for rainwater harvesting.
  • Have 10 pits filled with green waste to yield compost.
  • In-house Nature education center to conduct various workshops.

The district Administration of Noida allotted us 5 hectares of land for the purpose of creating urban forest in 2017. It was a wasteland covered with thorny bushes. The GMT team cleared the area and prepared the land for tree planation. Now, you can see the clusters of lush green trees of about 30 m height at the site.